IMPORTANT: Try the new Sony Mainboard in your set before attempting the firmware update, a small percentage of boards will not require the update and performing the update incorrectly will brick the board.

After installing the mainboard in your set, expect the television to have a blank screen and your power indicator light may or may not be flashing an alternating green / amber. This indicates the mainboard is functioning properly and the TV is expecting the firmware update. The firmware will be updated using a USB FLASH DRIVE. 

Reminder: You will not see anything on the screen. 

You MUST perform the USB firmware update without an image on your television.

  • Confirm you have a compatible USB flash drive using the list below.
  • Find and download the latest firmware for your television on the Sony website.
  • Click HERE for the checklist to guide you through the firmware install process.

Failure to follow the steps in the guide may render the mainboard useless, make it appear defective, and will void the warranty we have provided on this part, leaving the order ineligible for refund or replacement.

If after following all of the steps in the guide provided, you still have issues, please email with the subject line as “SONY HELP” and our Sony team will be happy to assist you with the update. You can also call into the office.

List of USB flash drives compatible with the Sony firmware update process

SonyMicro Vault Tiny2GB
Micro Vault White2GB
Micro Vault Black2GB
SandiskCruzer Black1GB
Cruzer Pattern 1GB2GB
Edge Secure GuardDiskGo128MB
LexarJD Secure1GB
MemorexTravel Drive512MB
KingstonDT Mini Fun1GB
KingstonData Traveler4GB
EP MemorySurf Drive1GB
Crucial TechnologiesGizmo!overdrive1GB
CentonDataStick Pro2GB
ocZMini Kart1GB
Point InternationalMini Flash128MB