NOTE: The part numbers or partial part numbers found on the parts pictured below are circled in GREEN, this is the manufacturer's part number and the number you need to order by to ensure the part you are ordering is the correct part. The numbers marked with a RED "x" are generic board numbers and should be avoided when placing your order.

LG Power Supplies:

The most common sequence of part numbers for a LG power supply would be the part number beginning with EAY or COV and they will be followed 8 characters (EAY########) (COV########). These numbers can be found on a tag or directly on the board. If the part number is printed on a tag, the three-letter prefix may be missing. Please keep in mind that part numbers starting with the letters EAX are broad board numbers, and searching for them online will not guarantee compatibility.

Part numbers can be found printed on a tag or on the board itself.

LG Main Boards:

The main boards from LG are frequently "service code specific." The Service Code is located next to the words "Service Code" or "SVC Code" on a mark on the back or side of your television. You can use this information to confirm your part number.

If you don't know your TV's service code, start looking for it by looking at the part numbers on the board's labels. The following are the most popular LG Main Board component number patterns:

- Part numbers beginning with EBT, EBR, EBU are followed by 8 digits.

- EBT######## (# = a number)

- EBR########

- EBU########

These numbers are commonly seen on barcode stickers, and they may or may not have a three-letter prefix. Please keep in mind that part numbers starting with the letters EAX on the board are broad and will not guarantee a compatible substitute when searching online.

To ensure accuracy, order using manufacturer's part number or TV model number/Service Code.


The T-Con Board, or Timing Control Board, is a component of your TV's LCD panel.

T-Con boards from LG / LG Philips are part-number unique. If your panel was made by LG, the part number will begin with 6871L.

Find the text line that starts with a number or the letter L. Make a list of the three or four digits, as well as the suffix letter that follows. If only three numbers are present before the suffix letter, a zero must be placed in front of the numbers to complete the part number.