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A few weeks ago my backyard was hit by lightning and fried most of my electronics in the house. I had 3 TV's that stopped working. I had an estimate of $1,200 to fix 2 of the TV's. I looked on youtube and found videos on how to repair the TV.  "NO Way" I thought. The parts to repair both TV'S were $200.00. I called TV Parts Today and talked to Mike and Sarah. Both were very helpful. I received the parts and did it myself. Both TV's are working great. Thanks again!"

by Richard Stone July 12 th 2019

One of the few places that had the main board I needed in stock, and at a very good price. Ordered the part with 2 day shipping and it arrived well packaged in 2 days. Was able to swap out the part and it worked perfectly, saving me thousands of dollars on a new TV.

by Brandon Linden - May 5th 2019